Tormek T4

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Tormek T4 Review Facts



Latest version







Water Stone Bench Grinder

120 Watt



Tormek is a Swedish company that’s been looking for the perfect edge since 1973. All this time and a lot of effort have resulted in no less than 13 patents and the widest selection of jigs to help you sharpen just about any tool you can imagine. There is usually not a problem sharpening a straight blade like a chisel och plane, but when it comes to turning tools or kitchen knives. That’s a whole other story. I would almost go as far to say it a must-have for woodturners.


The T4 is a basic version of the Tormek, it comes with the bare essentials you need to get going. But if you have a few special tools you should look at their collection of jigs and get the one you need.


The T4 also has a slightly smaller grinding wheel at 8” compared to the T7 or T8 that has a 10”. This means it takes up less space on your bench and is easier to move around.


A few things to think about is, the wheel should last you a lifetime if you don’t drop it on the ground. The stone soaks up water so if you keep it somewhere below freezing the stone might crack.

Editor's Pros & Cons


  • Great build quality and materials
  • Can be upgraded to suit your needs
  • DVD with all the info on setting up and using the machine
  • Great customers service


  • If you need all the jigs and add-ons, this is not the one for you
  • Can be cumbersome to move around, needs its own space
By: Rasmus Larsson

By: Rasmus Larsson

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