Finding The Best Professional Tool Belt For Your Trade

If you work with tools every day and make your living of it, having the best tool belt for you is the difference between money saved and money lost. Being efficient and comfortable while moving around is the key feature of a good tool belt.

But don’t just get the first tool belt you see, different professions have a different need when it comes to the number of pockets, their size or layout. What works best for a framer who needs a hammer and a square at all times doesn’t necessarily work for a electrician who needs more loops for screwdrivers and cable clippers. If you keep reading and browsing through the website, you will get all the information you need to find the perfect tool belt for you.

Carpenters Tool Belt

It’s essential for a carpenter to have a tool belt with the most common tools available. To be able to measure, mark and cut without having to change position is crucial for workflow. Often being paid by the job and not the hour makes efficiency one of the most important things for a carpenter. I bet you have heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”, that’s where the tool belt comes in.

There are many options for a carpenters tool belt and most of them have large pockets for storing screws and nails much like a roofers tool belt. Many belts are made with suede or heavy duty fabric. But if you want a tool belt to last a lifetime you have to pay for high-quality leather. A brand that does just that is Occidental Leather.

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Editors Pick: Occidental Leather 

Cable Tech Tool Belts

Cable technicians have a lot of small special tool in their arsenal that they use throughout the day. Having them at close hand all the time can make a huge difference in your efficiency. Snips, coax connectors compression tool, cable cutter, and continuity tester is stuff a cable tech need close by at all times.

The belts we have on review here is a Carhartt nylon belt and Dead on Tools has a great utility pouch, Both very capable of storing all the tools needed. Read our full article to see which one comes out on top.

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Editors Pick: TS Industries Multi-Function Tool Belt

Drywallers Tool Belts

Hanging drywall might seem easy and most people can get by doing it themselves. But to do fast and with a good result often by your self requires a true professional. Drywall sheets are heavy and you need all the hands you can get. So being able to store your tools on your hips is essential to get both your hand free.

A drywallers tool belt needs to have a large pouch to store as many screws as possible. In addition to this, it has to be light so it doesn’t weigh you down while carrying those heavy sheets, and lastly a few pockets and loops to store additional tools.

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Editors Pick: Custom LeatherCraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag

Electrician tool belt

Electricians often run around a whole house or doing maintenance work on commercial buildings. Either way, they need a lot of tools with them at all times in order to do their work. A lot of pliers, wire strippers, channel locks, screwdrivers, voltage detectors, and more have to fit in this tool belt.

The best tool belts for electricians is one that has a lot of pockets and preferably made from leather. Suspenders is something to consider because all of those tools add up in weight. We’ve compared a few models including the high-quality leather electricians-specialty set from Occidental.

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Editors Pick: Occidental Leather Electrician’s Set

Framing tool belts

Framers often need to carry heavier and bigger tools, like a few power tools, squares, and levels. Big pouches are also good for framers because they need to store a lot of nails in their belt. All of this adds up to quite a lot of weight, so a pair of suspenders and a well-padded belt is to prefer, distibuting the weight so you don’t get back and shoulder pain.

With all this weight and heavy tools, the belt needs to be made out of a sturdy quality material that can hold up to the strain. There are many good brands out there that offer great framers tool belts, read more about them down here.

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Editors Pick: Bucket Boss Air Lift Suspension Rig

HVAC Tool Belts

This is a job where you move around a lot and need a lot of special tools with you at all time. Having them close at hand in a tool belt can really speed up your efficiency and make you more money in the long run.

HVAC technicians share most of there needs with electricians and therefore can look at the same belts. The one on the top of our list is the same as electricians top pick. Please read both articles for inspiration.

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Editors Pick: Occidental Leather Electrician’s Set

Roofing Tool Belts

A tool belt is probably most important for the roofer. Working high up, far away from all your tools. Ofter on uneven surfaces where you can’t put a toolbox. Being able to carry everything you need un your hips, saving unnecessary trips to your van is what separates a good tradesman from a bad one.

Choosing a belt that is well balanced and sits comfortably on your hips is of real importance because you are going to wear these several hours a day. The belt itself shares some similarities with the carpenters tool belt, but have a look at our review for more information.

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Editors Pick: Occidental Leather Adjuts-To-Fit Tool Bag