Finding The Best Cable Tech Tool Belt


As a cable tech, there is a wide variety of special tools you need close at hand on a daily basis. Such as snips, a coax connector compression tool, cable cutters, and a continuity tester to name a few.

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Glossy End

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Dead On Tools

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Why You Need A Tool Belt

Sure you can get by with using a toolbox to keep everything in. But that has a tendency to be very heavy and carrying them around the job site looking for the right tool can be a hassle.

Lucky for you, this is easily avoided by using the best tool belt for a cable tech. Rather than digging in a toolbox or going out to the car to look for the right tool, a tool belt keeps everything you need within arm’s length increasing your productivity.

Down here I have compiled the best tool belt for you to have a look at and determine which is the best fit for you. So you can go back to do what you do best.

Carhartt Legacy Deluxe Tool Belt

If you want a belt that can hold all of your tools in place while being comfortable and light on your hips, you want the Carhartt Legacy Delux Tool Belt. What makes it Delux is these following features.

What differs the deluxe model from the regular one is a dedicated metal hammer loop and one extra pocket. It also has 4 D-Rings if you want to add even more things to your belt in a secure way. All this hangs on your waist with a contour cut and padded belt.


Less Awesome

Dead On Tools Utility Pouch

Do you think an entire belt is a bit much for your needs and you don’t want to carry around that extra weight maybe the Dead On Tools Utility Pouch is what you want. Rather than being a regular tool belt, this is a single pouch hanging on one side, enables you to stand in confined spaces.

Even though it’s only one pouch they have thought hard about the layout and this fits most of your tools no problem.


Less Awesome

Glossy End Tool Belt

The TR Industrial Multi-Function Tool Belt is another great alternative, almost ranging into carpenter tool belt territory with all its pockets. What seperates this though is the large pocket on the back instead of the usual hammer loop. Other than that the belt sits nicely around your waist giving you access to all your tools without having to dig deep in a tool box that isn’t even there.


Less Awesome

Even though it’s only one pouch they have thought hard about the layout and this fits most of your tools with no problem.


Can I use these toolbelts if i'm left handed?

Most manufacturers offer both right and left-handed options.  

Do you recommend using this even if I don't work as a cable tech

Of course, it’s all down to personal preference. These belts are just marketed as cable tech tool belts. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Tool Belt For A Cable Tech

All of the tool belts above will serve your purpose as a cable tech very well, but we can’t ignore the fact that one of them doesn’t have a single bad comment about it. Pair that with a very high rating of 4.8 and we have a clear winner in this category, the Carhartt Legacy Deluxe Tool Belt. But I can assure you that you won’t regret buying any one of these.

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