Finding The Best Electricians Tool Belt


Professional electricians use a wide variety of tools on a day to day basis. Not only do they need all these tools but they also change between them very frequently in order to do their job as quickly as possible. So you can imagine having to look for all those tools in a toolbox every time you needed one.

A Nice One

Occidental leather

Great quality and function

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Editors Choice

Contractor pro

Includes tool bag and gloves

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Best Value

Contractor pro

Great handles for carrying

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Why Electricians Need A Tool Belt

Taking your efficiency to another level with a purpose-built tool belt to house everything you need in the right place. Being able to quickly move around a workplace and changing positions without having to carry a heavy toolbox around and looking for a tool every time you need one will set you apart from the competition. But a good tool belt doesn’t just store your tools, it has to be comfortable to wear as well, after all, you are going to have this thing on your hips several hours a day.

Make sure that your new tool belt has enough pockets for all the tools you know you are using on a daily basis, along with a few extra for those special occasions. A big pouch to carry screws or fasteners isn’t a bad idea either.

Occidental leather commercial electrician’s set

If money isn’t an object for you when looking at a new tool belt, the Occidental Leather Commercial Electrician’s Set is a great way to go. This belt has a lot of pockets for you to organize your tools just how you like it. Many small pockets and loops give you endless possibilities and once you have learned where everything is, it becomes second nature to just grab the right tool. This obviously speeds up productivity and you will be less stressed at work. If you don’t mind the high price tag this belt will serve you for decades, maybe even a lifetime with the high-quality leather it’s made of.


Less Awesome

Contractor Pro Electricians combo Delux Package

What is better than a tool belt? A tool belt with suspenders included. This Contractor Pro Electricians combo Delux Package delivers just that. So not only do you get a place for all your tool you also get the back support and comfort you need for a hard days work.


Less Awesome

Rack-A-Tiers Electricians Combo Belt and Bags

Whether your job entails a quick fix of a minor electrical issue or a major overhaul of electrical rewiring, you need an electrician’s tool belt. A tool belt can make your job easier by allowing you to work faster and more efficiently. Rather than having to climb up and down ladders or digging through a toolbox to grab the tool you need, you can store them conveniently in your belt. For a belt that offers efficiency and so much more, you need the Rack-A-Tiers Electrician’s Combo Belt & Bags.

This belt has fixed pouches so they won’t get in the way when you are working. They also offer plenty of room for all your tools and fasteners. This might be why customers seem to be pleased with their purchase and give it a 4.6 out of 5.0-stars. Professionals have said, “I work in commercial electrical and it’s the best fitting.” Another said, “So far this is one of the best and lightweight electrician’s tool belts.” Ther have been words about some durability issues, but for the price, it’s still a great purchase.


Less Awesome

But a good tool belt doesn’t just store your tools, it has to be comfortable to wear as well, after all, you are going to have this thing on your hips several hours a day.


Can I use these toolbelts if i'm left handed?

Most manufacturers offer both right and left-handed options. 

Do you recommend using this even if I don't work as a electrician

Of course, it’s all down to personal preference. These belts are just marketed as electricians tool belts. 

Final thoughts on the best electricians tool belt

All the belts on review have their own benefits and drawbacks but with all things considered the winner in this trio has to be the Contractor Pro Electrician’s Combo Delux Package. Not only does it deliver great quality and features, but you also get bonuses such as gloves and a tool bucket. All this and it still comes in the middle in price. All in all, great value.

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