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If you own a house you know there is a ton of stuff to take care of in your spare time, things like minor repairs, cleaning and tend to the garden. If you do all these things you might need a tool belt without even realizing it.

A Nice One

Tommy Co

Smallest on the test but still very versatile

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Editors Choice

Custom leather craft

Works well for cleaning and DIY

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Best Value

The original kleaver

Ultimate homeowners cleaning belt

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Having everything you need at an arm’s length can really speed up your efficiency and maybe make things more fun. Imagine walking around in the garden and having all your essentials right there on your waist, you’ll feel like a professional.

Below here we have listed some of the best tool belts tool belts available for busy homeowners. All of them are reasonably priced so you might as well give it a go with almost nothing to lose.

Custom LeatherCraft Suede Nail And Tool Bag

Almost fitting in as a professional tool belt the Custom LeatherCraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag is a great option for someone who might do a little bit of work on the house. With room for a hammer, tape measure and nails it’s virtually a carpenters tool belt. You can also choose to purchase this without the belt or many different size bags depending on what you need.

Keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the size pockets you choose and if you include a belt or not. It’s also a great belt to expand if you find that you keep buying more tools.


Less Awesome

The Original Klever House Cleaning tool belt

I’m sure you’ve come across a professional cleaner at some point, maybe when you stayed at a hotel or something. You see them pushing a large cart around with all their cleaning supplies, this might not be a realistic setup for your home but you can meet them halfway and get a good cleaning tool belt.

The Original Klever House Cleaning Tool Belt is a great option that stores all of your necessary cleaning utensils in one place, making the chore of cleaning a quicker one so you can focus on doing something else instead.


Less Awesome

Tommy Co Little Garden Belt

The name itself, Tommyco Little Garden Belt sais this is for gardening. No matter if you do this as a hobby or profession this little belt is a great companion housing all your essential tools. With room for a pair of sheers, garden gloves and maybe a cold beverage for those hot sunny days.

Because it’s quite small you don’t have to worry about overloading it with too many heavy tools. You can easily wear this on your hip all day and still be comfortable in the afternoon. And keeping all your tool at arm’s length, the afternoon might come quicker than you think.


Less Awesome

Imagine walking around in the garden and having all your essentials right there on your waist, you’ll feel like a professional.


Can I use these toolbelts if i'm left handed?

Most manufacturers offer both right and left-handed options

Do you recommend using this outside of the home

Of course, it’s all down to personal preference. But some of these might not hold up for heavy carpentry use

Final thoughts

All of the tool belts mentioned here will do the job fine in their respective field, you will just have to decide where you do most of your work and get a tool belt best suited for your needs. But the one with the highest quality to price ratio must be the Custom LeatherCraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag, this semiprofessional belt will last you a lifetime of home tinkering.

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