Best Tool Belt Suspenders


If you in your profession have to wear a tool belt for an extended period of time comfort is of great importance. No matter how comfortable your tool belt is, filling it up with heavy tools will result in the belt sliding down your waist and digging into your hips. This is not just uncomfortable, it can be damaging to both your hips and back.

A Nice One

Brown bag company

Highly adjustable

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Editors Choice

Occidental leather

Bombproof suspenders

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Best Value


Basic but does the job great

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We can solve all these problems with a fairly easy solution. The tool belt suspenders. These are designed to easily hook on to your tool belt and help distribute the weight over your body, making your shoulders share the load of all your heavy tools. They also eliminate the problem with the belt sliding down messing up your pants and neatly tucked-in shirt (because you do tuck in your shirt, right?) So to summarise, suspenders make everything better.

With that said there are a few things you should look for in a quality pair of suspenders such as durability, adjustability, and comfortable shoulder pads. Have a look below where we have compared some of the best suspenders on the market.

Occidental Leather Tool Belt Suspenders

If you want quality and don’t mind paying a little bit extra to get the best Occidental Leather has delivered high-quality products for nearly 40 years, and their Occidental 5055 Stronghold Suspension System is no exception. They deliver high-quality materials paired with an unparalleled level of execution. These suspenders will fit you better each day you are using them.


Less Awesome

Brown Bag Company Tool Rider GSX

This belt is fully capable of handling the most demanding of jobs, the lightweight materials used and metal hooks to secure the Brown Bag Company Tool Rider GSX suspenders to your tool belt makes these a great contender and a good alternative if you want some high-quality suspenders to save your back.


Less Awesome

Ergodyne Arsenal Padded Tool Belt Suspenders

The Ergodyne Arsenal Padded Tool Belt Suspenders has a really nice foam padding making them very comfortable to wear over an extended period of time. The lightweight construction with durable materials makes these suspenders a very good option to ease the weight of your tool belt.


Less Awesome

So to summarise, suspenders make everything better.


Does these suspenders fit all tool belts

Basically yes, you can always find a good way to fit them to your tool belt

Why should I get a pair of suspenders

If you work for long periods of time with a tool belt on, a pair of suspenders will save your back in the long run

Final thoughts

Each of the suspenders mentioned above will do the job just fine, but one will do it finer than the others. Our winner in this review has to be the Occidental Leather suspenders, they are superior in material quality, build quality, and with their long heritage they know just what a hard working tradesman need to get the job done.

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